About Jen

Meet Jen, your photographer. She's always eager to learn and improve so she can provide you with the best service possible.

Jen has a background in Interactive Media, which means she knows both the technical side and the artistic side of photography. She believes in the power of pictures to tell stories and tries her best to capture the essence of every moment she photographs.

Jen is lucky to have a husband who shares her passion for photography. They make a great team and work together to create amazing photos for you.

Outside of photography, Jen loves boating and spending time with her family.

Let Jen tell your special story with her photography. You'll be able to cherish those memories forever.

About Jeremy

Meet Jeremy, our gear and lighting expert. He helps Jen at every session, making sure everything looks great. They work together to capture amazing photos. You can trust Jeremy to handle the technical stuff. They make a great team and are excited to capture your special moments.